Groo Statues on the Net

Howdy Yall,
If you want to see what the Groo Statue looks like go to:


There is a good picture there..........thanks Josh

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>>> Mark Evanier <evanier@ix.netcom.com> 06/27/96 04:09pm >>>

The GROO statues have been delayed by manufacturing problems.  I 
haven't talked lately to Bob Chapman so I don't know how close they are 
to coming out...but I can't believe it'll be much longer.

The statue shows Groo up to his waist in what would politely be called 
a cesspool.  It was never supposed to be cheese dip.  But in the  statue,
he is tasting it and the expression on his face is his way of  saying,
"Hey, this isn't cheese dip!"