Re: Special Edition Groo Chronicle

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Ruben J. Arellano wrote:

> 	I wasn't disputing his word, sorry if it came across that way.

It didn't.  I was just being goofy.

> 	Did is compile all the chronicles?  How many pages?  Hardcover?  
> I want to know more. . . :-}

Hardcover.  I assume all six issues of the Chronicles except the covers 
are in there.

(the standard way Graffiti works, I think, is that it buys unbound copies 
of the books from the original publisher, and then binds them all 
together under a new cover and with whatever new pages they want to add, 
plus signature plates and such)

Hey, did the Graffiti edition of LIFE OF GROO and the single volume 
hardcover of LIFE and DEATH ever come out?


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