Re: Special Edition Groo Chronicle

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, Bob Heer wrote:

> Hardcover.  I assume all six issues of the Chronicles except the covers 
> are in there.
> (the standard way Graffiti works, I think, is that it buys unbound copies 
> of the books from the original publisher, and then binds them all 
> together under a new cover and with whatever new pages they want to add, 
> plus signature plates and such)
> Hey, did the Graffiti edition of LIFE OF GROO and the single volume 
> hardcover of LIFE and DEATH ever come out?

	Yeah, the 2nd print of LIFE OF GROO did come out.  You can 
mail-order it from Fantagraphics.  Don't know about the single volume 
LIfe & death -- I've never heard of it.  Maybe M.E. can help us out?