Groo Questions

The "Expensive Edition" of THE GROO CHRONICLES takes the six issues 
that Marvel/Epic printed and collects them.  Graphitti bought press 
overruns of the insides and bound them all together, plus they printed 
a new dust jacket and a new introduction which I wrote and which was 
illustrated with old Sergio drawings.  There was also a "signature 
page" which Sergio and I signed and which made me envious of artists 
with names like Jim Lee and Al Vey.

The best part of the whole thing, in my opinion, was the copy that I 
wrote for the flaps of the dust jacket.

The paperback reprint of THE LIFE OF GROO is out from Graphitti.  
They're supposed to do a hardcover collecting that and THE DEATH OF 
GROO but I have no idea when they'll get around to it.  (Our publisher 
in Spain just put out a nifty paperback that collects both graphic 
novels in a "flip book" format.  The front cover of one is the back 
cover of the other and vice-versa.  Sergio did new covers and 
frontispieces for it and that material will probably be used in the 
Graphitti edition.)

Hope to see some of you in San Diego.  Sergio will have a table there 
and I'll probably be hovering around it on occasion.