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After retyping the cards myself, I know EXACTLY what you mean!

Oh, I noticed a few gaps in the list on your page, I'll send the text to you in a bit when I have a few minutes (except for the Image cards, which I'm still missing several).

Charles L. Klein, Esq.

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As Mark said, the best part of the expensive edition was the flap copy.
His "Why there is Groo" is interesting and informative as well, but I
won't retype that! If he doesn't find this infringing or anything, here is
that copy!

"This is what is called flap copy.  It's copy that goes on a flap, in this
case, the flap of the expensive edition of the hardcover Groo Chronicles,
a recycling of the earliest appearances of Sergio Aragones buttheaded
barbarian.  Contained herein are all early Groo tales that put Pacific
Comics where they are today, plus some other stuff we had lying around.
If you bought the original pacific editions and you bought the (compared
to this) cheaper Epic reprinting of them as The Groo Chronicals and you've
now purchased this book, you will probably have read these stories at
least two times more than Sergio or Mark.

Flap copy is supposed to make you want desperately to purchase the book.
But let's be honest here. This is a limited edition of nowhere near as
many copies as Graphitti Designs could sell. If you're reading this, it
means you've probably already bought the thing. You certainly know how
much, if at all, you like old Groo stories and nothing we say here is
going to change that. So what's the point of this flap copy?

The point is that we have flaps and they need copy on them. You paid good
money for this book: Think how cheated you'd feel if you got it home,
opened it up and discovered nude flaps. "There's nothing printed on my
flaps," you'd angrily tell your bookseller. And he'd just mumble something
about how priceless a Groo book would be, were there no printing on the
pages, either. By printing this flap copy on our flaps, we have spared you
that bout of humiliation. You only have to deal with the shame of having
coughed up the real dinero for the thing in the first place.

It is also customary for flap copy to tell you a little about the people
who created the book. Sergio Aragones has a mustache, Mark Evanier
doesn't, Tom Luth sometimes does and Stan Sakai doesn't. There. That's
everything you need to know about them.

(back flap)

Is this enough copy to fill the flap, Bob?

It isn't? Okay let's try this: Sergio Aragones has been drawing for Mad
Magazine for centuries now. He is widely hailed, at least around his
house, as the fastest cartoonist alive, speed always being an adequate
substitute for talent. But, in this case, he has both skills... which he
lovingly applies each month to the meandering adventures of Groo the

Assisting Sergio in indescribable, mostly word-related ways is Mark
Evanier, one of the fastest writers around (see above) and author of
countless TV shows, animated cartoons and comic books. Mark is presently
diversifying into new fields, most of them involving the authorship of
space-filling flap copy.

Tom Luth has the thankless task of coloring the zillions of people that
adorn each Sergio page. Stan Sakia supplies the lettering when not busy
with his own swordscharacter, Usagi Yojimbo.

There. Is that enough?

One more paragraph oughta do it? Fine.

In conclusion, let us congratulate you on your purchase of this finem
expensive edition of The Groo Chronicles. Exquisitely bound, magnificently
printed, it will stand proudly forever on the shelves of your home
library. And, while it might not be the best book there, it certainly has
the most honest flap copy. Thank you"

Man, I'm glad I didn't have to write those groo cards.

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