Re: lucky me

Well lucky me, I bought the Destroyer Duck issue at the weekend for $15. A mark
up of ten!!! I feel robbed!


On Jul 8,  2:17am, Berlett - Cathleen R. wrote:
> Subject: lucky me
> i was at the comic shop the other day and was checking around the old
> Eclipse comics and came across Destroyer Duck #1.. at $1.50 I had to have
> it. They had Crossfire's many other old Eclipse things, including old
> M.E. titles. Could someone refresh my memory as to where the early
> appearances of Groo were. I only remember Destroyer Duck #1 and Crossfire
> #8. They even had 3 copies of Pacific #1.. regularly $25 but half price
> that day.. I'd say I err'd on not buying one but I've already got two
> copies, don't want to horde or anything.
> Andy (in disguise)
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