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Hola amigos/amigas!

The San Diego Comic Con ended yesterday.  It was muy bueno (very good)!
Sergio, Mark, and Stan were there!  Sergio and Stan had their own tables
and were autographing everything for everybody, and drawing sketches at
light speed.

Stan is kind of fast too.  He was drawing Usagi Yojimbo (the samurai
rabbit) sketches.

Sergio was drawing sketches of anything you wanted.  Quick sketches
were free.  If you wanted a highly detailed, 10"x13" finished sketch,
there was a charge ($50 and up).  If he couldn't finish it during con-
vention hours, he did at night and brought it back the next day.  He
adds a lot of details and the sketches look like he spent a considera-
ble amount of time and effort on them.  He often includes some sort of
gag in them, but this depends on what you asked him to draw.  I got two
sketches!  :D  One of Wonder Woman with four Amazon warriors, and one
with Groo and Rufferto surrounded by a bunch of girl warriors.

I also got 11 Groo comics, Sergio Massacres Marvel, Sergio Destroys DC,
and 6 Groo cards autographed by Sergio and/or Stan.  Tried to look for
Mark to get his autograph.  Saw him once on the first day at Sergio's
table.  But I went to grab some grub, and he was gone when I came back.
Saw him on a discussion panel where he was the host, but since he wasn't
giving a speech, I left and came back 5 minutes before it was supposed
to be over.  But it ended early and he was gone.  Saw him at Jewel
Shepard's table.  (Jewel's really cool.  She's cute, friendly, an act-
ress, and an author.  She wrote "Invasion of the B-Girls" or something
like that, and her autobiography "If I'm So Famous, then How Come No
One's Heard of Me.")  Now what were we talking about?  Oh yeah ...
Mark said that he'd head back to Sergio's table for autographs soon.
I got sidetracked with Jewel for 5-10 minutes and then sidetracked a-
gain at John Romita's table (since it was on the way), where I got a
quick Mary Jane sketch.  Never saw Mark again.  His last panel discuss-
ion on Sunday morning was cancelled(?).  Oh well.  See ya next year,

Sergio had three of the new Groo statues on his table and there were
at least three more at Graphitti's table for sale ($175).  If you
volunteered to work at the convention, you received a t-shirt.  This
one was black with Groo sitting down and leaning against a tree while
snoring (volunteers are supposed to be working, not sleeping on the

If Sergio, Mark, and Stan ever come to a convention near you, try to
attend.  Bring all of your comics.  They'll probably sign it.  One
person brought a 9 inch stack (?) at Wondercon, and Sergio signed
them all.  Sometimes they draw Groo or Yojimbo or Magnor or Batman
or Wolverine or whatever, too.

It's past 7:15pm and I wanna get outta here, so see ya.

Eric =)