The return?

Hey guys! (We still don't have a name to call ourselves, so the generic
"guys" will have to do for now... When are we gonna have a name?)

Mark Evanier said:
>To everyone: We may have some exciting news to announce soon about a 
>return of everyone's favorite cheese dip eater.  Two different comic 
>book companies are currently fighting over GROO.  (Each wants the other 
>to publish it...)

Mark dear, what do you mean by this tantalizing bit?

Return as in "the act of coming back to anything from which one has been
away" ? (here I go again with my handy dictionary definitions...)

Return as in NOT reprints or collections?


<Lia does premature cartwheels of celebration all around her room>

:] Lia

P.S. I have really sad news to report to the list: I was leafing through my
Groo collection and I'd just gotten to #100, when I discovered something
cryptic written on the very first page in my maid's handwriting: "3:00 p.m.
everyday." And in ballpoint pen too! (not that pencil would've been better,
but still...)

I am going to KILL her. With my bare hands. Grrrrrrrrrr.

I really hate it when people write on my books, comics or otherwise (except
when they autograph of course) --- I feel so violated! And it just HAD to be
an issue that I really loved... <Lia sobs>

IRC nick: "cheesedip"

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