Hello Groop,

	Wow, Mark sure knows how to make us happy!  Lets us send him things to
sign AND hints at a new GROO series!  In celebration of these momentous
times, I have moved my groo page from http://www.newdream.net/~josh/groo
to http://www.newdream.net/groo.  It's SHORTER! More intuitive! Heck, I
might as well register groo.com! nah, I could pay for the rest of my
groo statue with that money...

	Also in celebration, I was thinking some people out there could help
me.  See, I'm a lazy bum, and I have NEVER finished my reviews of the
120 Epic issues.  I have been thinking about it for well over a year,
and at one time I even made a little .exe file that would help me write
the html for it!  So, I've enclosed that file (and the 12 html docs
needed to run it) in a zip file with this message.  I encourage anyone
to run this program and write some reviews of those epic issues! Then,
send me the html docs (josh@newdream.net) and I'll post my favorite for
each ten issues (you'll see what I'm talking about)!  I'll give you
credit for the page I use of yours of course, and this gives you a great
excuse to look back through your old epic issues in these exciting
times!  Thank you very much, and I'll be anxiously awaiting some

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