To Eric Chun (and others)...

Eric, I'm sorry you missed me at the San Diego.  I wound up doing four 
panels on Saturday and filling in on a few others on other days.  I 
tend not to sit at the table with Sergio for long because I wind up 
sitting there signing all day when I do, and that ain't as much fun as 
you might think.  But if any member of this mailing list has a book 
they want signed by Sergio and/or me, send it with a stamped, 
self-addressed envelope to me at 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303, Los 
Angeles, CA 90036.  It may take a little while but I'll get it signed 
and back to you.  (Same with trading cards.)

Sergio, Stan and I are all trying NOT to sign a whole pile for folks 
anymore.  Sergio sometimes gives in, but we've found that when we sign 
twenty-five comics for one person, it winds up making the line move so 
slowly that folks who want just one are inconvenienced.  Frankly, I'd 
rather talk with a GROO reader for five minutes than spend five minutes 
signing comics for him.

To everyone: We may have some exciting news to announce soon about a 
return of everyone's favorite cheese dip eater.  Two different comic 
book companies are currently fighting over GROO.  (Each wants the other 
to publish it...)