Re: New Groo Stuff

On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, BooK wrote:

> I am a French Groo addict, and enlisted here yesterday...
> I have the 6 pins of Groo, but mine are :
>   #1 - Groo (orange)
>   #2 - Rufferto (red)
>   #3 - Taranto (brown)
>   #4 - Sage (yellow)
>   #5 - Minstrel (green)
>   #6 - Chakaal (light blue)
> What was this Drumm pin you were talking about ?
> Is there another series of them pins ?

	Oops, now that I'm looking at my pins I see that your list is 
correct.  Sorry 'bout the freak-out. . . :-}
	I've been told that the 'new' set is the same as the old one.

> In Groo #10 (Image), I read an ad for the Groo trading cards...
> Are they already out ?

	I ordered the complete set from my comic shop and they said it 
would/should arrive in December although the individual cards and boxes 
of them would be around in November.  It must take a while to make up all 
those complete sets, eh? :-}

> And what about the Groo statue ?

	US$175 + tax and even more in Canada.  Get your shop to order it 
for you, you'll probably have to put a deposit down. . .  

> PS: What about a 'hidden messages contest' ?

	Huh? Do you mean "a" or "the"?  

	Do you have the French Groo comic?  It was published by Zenda and 
I bought mine in Belgium.


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