RE: Groo Trading Cards.

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Charles Klein wrote:

> Okay, all, I've finished my FAQ last night, then I found some problems   
> with it.  I will get it out tomorrow, but my question is can everyone   
> receive files from their e-mail?  Another thing, I did the file in Word   
> Perfect 6.0 and did a conversion to Word 6.0c and a text file, but the   
> text file doesn't contain the italics, hanging indents, and bold   
> formatting.  Should I send out all 3 or just one of them?

	U think to keep from sending out binaries you should just send 
out the text file.  If people want the WP or W files, they can e-mail you 
personally or maybe download it from Josh's WWW page. (??).