NEW Groo web page

Hi all Groo fans!

Just want to tell you that a new Groo home page is build.
It's located in Norway, and I'll include the American comic books, and the Groo comics that have been published in Norway.
There is not much information there yet, but I'm working on it :)

Hope some of you will stop by, and check it out, and maybe leave a comment on what you think of it..

PS! The conter is kinda wrong at the moment, the has NOT been 180/190 wisitors since April 10.

The URL is: http://www.sn.no/~rohans/groo


	                      Ronny Hansen
	 Asst. Team OS/2 Leader South-West Norway
                     InterNet E-Mail: rohans@sn.no
             WWW: http://www.sn.no/~rohans/teamos2