Re: The return?

> Mark Evanier said:
> To everyone: We may have some exciting news to announce soon about a 
> return of everyone's favorite cheese dip eater.  Two different comic 
> book companies are currently fighting over GROO.  (Each wants the other 
> to publish it...)

Sounds good!  Another #1 issue?  (Refer to the inside cover of Image Groo
#1 & 2.)  :D

I think Sergio likes drawing Groo!  At his table (at the San Diego Comic
Con), there were all kinds of Groo stuff (books, comics, pins, t-shirts,
statues, trading cards, sketchs, etc.) and only one MAD paperback title.
Seems he'd rather be known as the Groo cartoonist than anything else.

> P.S. I have really sad news to report to the list: I was leafing through my
> Groo collection and I'd just gotten to #100, when I discovered something
> cryptic written on the very first page in my maid's handwriting: "3:00 p.m.
> everyday." And in ballpoint pen too! (not that pencil would've been better,
> but still...)

Truly a tragedy, cheesedip.  Hope you can find another copy of it.

Eric =)