Re: To Eric Chun (and others)...

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Mark Evanier wrote:

> Eric, I'm sorry you missed me at the San Diego.  I wound up doing four 
> panels on Saturday and filling in on a few others on other days.  I 
> tend not to sit at the table with Sergio for long because I wind up 
> sitting there signing all day when I do, and that ain't as much fun as 
> you might think.  But if any member of this mailing list has a book 
> they want signed by Sergio and/or me, send it with a stamped, 
> self-addressed envelope to me at 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303, Los 
> Angeles, CA 90036.  It may take a little while but I'll get it signed 
> and back to you.  (Same with trading cards.)

	Thanks for the offer!

> Sergio, Stan and I are all trying NOT to sign a whole pile for folks 
> anymore.  Sergio sometimes gives in, but we've found that when we sign 
> twenty-five comics for one person, it winds up making the line move so 
> slowly that folks who want just one are inconvenienced.  Frankly, I'd 
> rather talk with a GROO reader for five minutes than spend five minutes 
> signing comics for him.

	When Stan was here last, I 'limited' myself to bringing about 15
comics.  I thought, there'll be a lot of people there, and I don't want to
hold the line up.  So, when I got there, Stan kindly signed all the comics
I had and did a nice sketch for me.  In return, I talked with him for a
while, thanked him, and bought a $40 peice of artwork.  I turned around
and there was this guy with about 50 issues to sign.  Since there was no
lineup at the time, Stan went ahead and signed them all.  Same thing
happened last time I saw Sergio. I guess I'll never learn. . .  (kinda' like
Groo, I guess)

> To everyone: We may have some exciting news to announce soon about a 
> return of everyone's favorite cheese dip eater.  Two different comic 
> book companies are currently fighting over GROO.  (Each wants the other 
> to publish it...)

	What a nightmare.