Re: HTML -Reply

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Randall Allsup wrote:

> Hi Josh,
> I don't know what happened to the zip file you sent, but all I got was a
> HUGE message of totally weird characters:
> (GxJIAmXM8mHAEAOFvUXto6ZbMy27u9WR1J50Hva37zl).  
> Maybe I am doing something wrong??
> The header was the only enclosure and it said that the message had a
> zip file attached (it lied). 
> So, I didn't get the exe, and the message almost brought our mail server
> to its knees (which would have been very Groo-like but I got a very stern
> warning about using the company for private stuff).  Maybe it would be
> more effective to attach a download link on your Groo web site????
> Of course, I don't know anything about how that works, its just a naive
> suggestion.
okay, sorry randall, 
	I put the zip file on the web site.  if you access
http://www.newdream.net/groo/groohtml.zip you should get it very nicely.
I'm thinking about making a web-based thing fo rit, though, so anyone who
visits the groo page can enter their own summary and or review of any
issue and I'll make a big database of them. That would be cooler and
easier for everybody.  BTW, I got an issue of Uncle Scrooge, and the
second story in it, one about the beagle boys and Scrooge getting a LARGE
cash register, said it was written by Mark Evanier.  It wasn't a new
story, though, I seemed to remember it from some other time.  As for the
quality, maybe mark should stick to Groo? :\)

Josh Jones

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