Uncle Scrooge

You wrote: 
>So, Mark, did you write any stuff for Uncle Scrooge w/ Western at all?
>I might have some stuff of yours...

ME: During the time I worked for Western Publishing, the UNCLE SCROOGE 
comic book was all reprints, usually of Mr. Barks's work.  I did some 
issues of BEAGLE BOYS, SUPER GOOF and MOBY DUCK that guest-starred the 
world's richest duck, but no issues of UNCLE SCROOGE.  I did do a few 
SCROOGE stories that were only printed overseas.

>Western...wasn't that the company whose logo was the smiling guy with
>the 'W' on his head?

ME: Western Printing and Lithography issued their comics under a number 
of labels over the years.  They were under the DELL imprint until 1962 
or so, then they became Gold Key.  Late in their history, they began 
issuing their comics in two formats.  The Gold Key format was sold on 
newsstands and then they also printed some copies of the same issues 
with a Whitman insignia, for sale in retail outlets like K-Mart.  Same 
insides, only the cover emblem changed.  The Whitman logo is what 
you're remembering.