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In the US groo had three publishers:
I.Pacific--8 issues
II.Marvel--120 issues
III.Epic--12 issues
Are there any non-US english editions?
Are there any non-US non-english editionS?

Please no smart ass remarks about the one issue that was done in mime....

Ken Simon

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Eric Chun wrote:

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> From: Borje Felipe Fernandes Karlsson <bffk@di.ufpe.br>
> hi eric and all,
> br is Brazil!!
> groo is not been published here since issue 24
> is it been published elsewhere?
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> Groo made it past issue 120 (under Marvel Comics) and, after that,
> to issue 12 (under Image Comics) in the U.S.  It hasn't been
> published here for over six months.
> Sounds like you missed a lot of issues.  Maybe you can get them
> through mail order companies.
> Eric :D

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