Re: A topic of conversation

> From: Denis Hackney <d.hackney@student.anu.edu.au>
> A while back, M.E. said that he 
> suspected that a lot of Groo fans weren't buying the comic at the end, 
> and I think that part of the reason might be because of the lack of other 
> recognisable characters.

I thought the Image series was really great.  (Maybe it was just the
slick new paper on the Image series boggling my mind.)  The first Groo
comic that I ever bought was Marvel Groo #70, which had a "Weaver and
Scribe" story.  Didn't know what was going on in that story and thought
it was terrible.  Who was this "Weaver" guy?!?  (Don't buy Marvel Groo
#70 as your first Groo comic.)  The next Groo comic that I bought was
Image Groo #2, which was very much improved!  Bought all of the Image
series after that, then searched high and low for all of the back is-

Some of the new characters introduced in the Image series were pretty
good, like Pipal Khan.  (Gwoo?  Who is Gwoo?)