Re: Groo Trading Cards

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Eric said:
In this week's Comic Buyer's Guide magazine, someone posted a want ad for
comics that Mark Evanier wrote, except for C-ROO comics.  I guess the person
who posted the ad didn't write clearly, or the person at CBG (who typed in
the ad) erred(?).

John Astill said:
Unless Mark has written some antipodean wildlife stories we dont know about.

Eric again:
Hmmm ...  I guess Mark's capable of that.  After all, he wrote Scooby-Doo ...

Lia Said:
Really? Scooby-Doo? I didn't know this... That makes three things Mark's
been involved with that I love --- Scooby, Garfield, and, um, can you guess?

Oh, and John, what the hell is "antipodean?"

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Hi Lia!

I had to look up "antipodean" in the dictionary.  (I always keep my diction-
ary and secret decoder ring nearby to decipher what everyone's talking about
in these emails.)

"Antipodean" is supposed to mean -- "places diametrically opposite to each
other on the globe".  Oh wow.  Since we're beaming emails from North Ameri-
ca, the other side of the globe is somewhere around Australia(?).  So John
meant that Mark is writing stuff about wildlife in Austalia (roo's or more
commonly known as kangaroo's), in reference to C-ROO comics.  Something
like that anyway ...