Re: Groo Trading Cards

Antipodean?  Is that like mendicant?

On Fri, 9 Aug 1996, Eric Chun wrote:

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> Eric said:
> In this week's Comic Buyer's Guide magazine, someone posted a want ad for
> comics that Mark Evanier wrote, except for C-ROO comics.  I guess the person
> who posted the ad didn't write clearly, or the person at CBG (who typed in
> the ad) erred(?).
> John Astill said:
> Unless Mark has written some antipodean wildlife stories we dont know about.
> Eric again:
> Hmmm ...  I guess Mark's capable of that.  After all, he wrote Scooby-Doo ...
> Lia Said:
> Really? Scooby-Doo? I didn't know this... That makes three things Mark's
> been involved with that I love --- Scooby, Garfield, and, um, can you guess?
> Oh, and John, what the hell is "antipodean?"
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> Hi Lia!
> I had to look up "antipodean" in the dictionary.  (I always keep my diction-
> ary and secret decoder ring nearby to decipher what everyone's talking about
> in these emails.)
> "Antipodean" is supposed to mean -- "places diametrically opposite to each
> other on the globe".  Oh wow.  Since we're beaming emails from North Ameri-
> ca, the other side of the globe is somewhere around Australia(?).  So John
> meant that Mark is writing stuff about wildlife in Austalia (roo's or more
> commonly known as kangaroo's), in reference to C-ROO comics.  Something
> like that anyway ...
> Eric