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Eric Chun wrote:
> I thought the Image series was really great.  (Maybe it was just the
> slick new paper on the Image series boggling my mind.)  The first Groo

I agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, Image #6 (The Great Invention) is one
of my all-time favourites, but in *general*, I don't think the Image
Groos were as good as the rest.

> comic that I ever bought was Marvel Groo #70, which had a "Weaver and
> Scribe" story.  Didn't know what was going on in that story and thought
> it was terrible.  Who was this "Weaver" guy?!?  (Don't buy Marvel Groo
> #70 as your first Groo comic.)  The next Groo comic that I bought was

The first Groo comic I ever bought was Marvel #93, which was the second
half of "The Fountain of Youth".  Not only did this have a whole heap of
other characters in it, none of them were even in their normal state. 
However, the story was so well written and drawn and coloured and
lettered that it didn't matter that I didn't know who the rest of these
people were, because they entertained me enough to make me want to know
more about them.  Maybe it's because these characters were in my Groo
collection from the very start that I miss them so much.

> Image Groo #2, which was very much improved!  Bought all of the Image
> series after that, then searched high and low for all of the back is-
> sues.
I can identify with that.  It took me at least a year to find the first
half of the Fountain of Youth after I'd bought the second one, and I was
missing only the last issue of Wager of the Gods for at least that long
as well...

> Some of the new characters introduced in the Image series were pretty
> good, like Pipal Khan.  (Gwoo?  Who is Gwoo?)

Agreed once again.  Pipil Khan is gweat.  However, I for one would be
vewy intewested to see what would twanspire if he met up with Tawanto,
and they got together to twy and defeat Gwoo.  I'd also like to see Sage
and Tapaz get together to try and solve the worlds problems.  Also, how
about Chakaal vs. Macha?

There seemed to me to be a decline in the number of other distinct
characters in the stories.  Any other people in the later issues were
kind of nameless faces slotted into the lineup just to send Groo on the
next adventure, which I don't find as entertaining as having someone I
know, and can understand their reasons for what they're doing to Groo.

Anyway, I'll shut up now.  Judging from the response my original mail
got, no-one really cares that much anyway.  I just wanted to state my
opinion, and try and get this mailing list talking again ... if you
don't want to talk with me then fine, see if I care ... <sob!>

Later all...
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