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On Aug 14, 10:43pm, Denis Hackney wrote:
> Subject: Re: A topic of conversation
> Eric Chun wrote:
> > I thought the Image series was really great.  (Maybe it was just the
> > slick new paper on the Image series boggling my mind.)  The first Groo
> I agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, Image #6 (The Great Invention) is one
> of my all-time favourites, but in *general*, I don't think the Image
> Groos were as good as the rest.

I cant quote numbers, but my favourite has to be the gunpowder story. That was

> > Some of the new characters introduced in the Image series were pretty
> > good, like Pipal Khan.  (Gwoo?  Who is Gwoo?)
> Agreed once again.  Pipil Khan is gweat.  However, I for one would be
> vewy intewested to see what would twanspire if he met up with Tawanto,
> and they got together to twy and defeat Gwoo.  I'd also like to see Sage
> and Tapaz get together to try and solve the worlds problems.  Also, how
> about Chakaal vs. Macha?
> There seemed to me to be a decline in the number of other distinct
> characters in the stories.  Any other people in the later issues were
> kind of nameless faces slotted into the lineup just to send Groo on the
> next adventure, which I don't find as entertaining as having someone I
> know, and can understand their reasons for what they're doing to Groo.
> 	-- Anonymous
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How about trying to come up with some new characters? After all, nigh on 150
issues can wear some characters thin (although I like he of big chin and bigger
ego every time).

I must say that my draw to Groo is that morals can relate to real life, as can
some of the story lines, e.g. Groo the painter, hilarious but disturbingly