Re: A topic of conversation

Hi guys...

Eric Chun wrote:
>> I thought the Image series was really great.  (Maybe it was just the
>> slick new paper on the Image series boggling my mind.)  

I loved the paper too! Remember the paper on the earliest Groos? That stuff
was like newspaper, yuck. The Image paper made the colors brighter (the
whites seem whiter... hey, this sounds like a detergent commercial), which
was refreshing to see, whereas my ancient Groos are sorta shabby. (Partially
because when I moved to another house a few years back, the movers chucked
all my comics into a box, arrrrghhh)

Denis Hackney said:
>I agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, Image #6 (The Great Invention) is one
>of my all-time favourites, but in *general*, I don't think the Image
>Groos were as good as the rest.

Me three... Sorry Mark.

>>The first Groo  comic that I ever bought was Marvel Groo #70, which had a
>>"Weaver and Scribe" story.  Didn't know what was going on in that story
and >>thought  it was terrible.  Who was this "Weaver" guy?!?  (Don't buy
Marvel >>Groo #70 as your first Groo comic.)  
>The first Groo comic I ever bought was Marvel #93, which was the second
>half of "The Fountain of Youth".  Not only did this have a whole heap of
>other characters in it, none of them were even in their normal state. 
>However, the story was so well written and drawn and coloured and
>lettered that it didn't matter that I didn't know who the rest of these
>people were, because they entertained me enough to make me want to know
>more about them.  Maybe it's because these characters were in my Groo
>collection from the very start that I miss them so much.

Nice last line Denis, now I feel really sentimental --- I miss all those
characters! Looking into my pile, the shabbiest one is #47, which is
probably the first one I ever bought (I was in grade school at the time...
now I'm in university --- Jeez, now I feel so old). I remember thinking,
"Hey, where have I seen this big-nosed moron before? He looks like those
little illustrations in the margins of Mad." (Looking back, I realize that I
may have noticed Groo's similarity to Gerard Depardieu) I found the entire
thing SO funny, that I went back to the stall (garage sale) and got the rest
that they had.

>>The next Groo comic that I bought was Image Groo #2, which was very >>much
improved!  Bought all of the Image series after that, then searched high
>>and low for all of the back issues.
>I can identify with that.  It took me at least a year to find the first
>half of the Fountain of Youth after I'd bought the second one, and I was
>missing only the last issue of Wager of the Gods for at least that long
>as well...

I was buying on and off till I reached high school and got a bigger
allowance, after which I started buying every month. Then I went back and
got all the back issues I could find, clapping like the maniac that I am
each time I found one. This drives me mad --- of the three and four-parters,
generally I find that I am missing the last one. <sob>

>> Some of the new characters introduced in the Image series were pretty
>> good, like Pipal Khan.  (Gwoo?  Who is Gwoo?)
>Agreed once again.  Pipil Khan is gweat.  However, I for one would be
>vewy intewested to see what would twanspire if he met up with Tawanto,
>and they got together to twy and defeat Gwoo.  I'd also like to see Sage
>and Tapaz get together to try and solve the worlds problems.  Also, how
>about Chakaal vs. Macha?

Let me gush about Pipil Khan: I wuv Pipil Khan. What an adorable little
pipsqueak of a tyrant. If there was a Groo movie, I can imagine Pipil Khan
being played by Danny DeVito. (I just flew back from the US and saw
"Matilda" while I was there --- watch this movie!)

>Anyway, I'll shut up now.  Judging from the response my original mail
>got, no-one really cares that much anyway.  I just wanted to state my
>opinion, and try and get this mailing list talking again ... if you
>don't want to talk with me then fine, see if I care ... <sob!>

Denis, does this post make you feel any better? Go get a bag of chips and a
bowl of cheesedip and chant mantras in the hope that Mark and Sergio will be
nice enough to bring back everyone's favorite swordsman (and his dog)...

:] Lia

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