What a g(r)ood day !

Hi all you Groo-fans (Groopies?) out there.

This has indeed been a day in the name of Groo.

First I got a package from my comic-shop in Norway, 
which included Groo Epic #1, 2 (two) issues from the 
Pacific guys (6,7) and the last two Chronicles i missed.
Only miss 2 Epic and 5 Pacific now :)

Second I talked to a guy who had a spare Groo Image he 
could trade me. Can you belive that, he actually wanted 
to trade away a Groo Image!!!

Finally I found my Groo Page on Yahoo today. I may have 
been there for a while, but haven't looked for it until 
Speaking of the Groo Page, I don't have access to a scanner 
and really need som graphic on my page, So, if anyone 
out there have some scanned picures for background, front-
page etc. or could scan some for me, I would be very 
grateful. Everyone who send me something I uses, will be 
mentioned on the page.

Well that's just about what I had on my mind. No. wait..
One more request. I currently covers the Groo comics 
published in the U.S.A and Norway, but is thinking about 
expanding it to more languages. So if you know about 
Groo in other countries, please let me know, and I'll 
add them to my list.

There, that should do it. Bye for now.


   	                Ronny Hansen
	 Asst. Team OS/2 Leader South-West Norway
              InterNet E-Mail: rohans@sn.no

       Team OS/2 WWW: http://www.sn.no/~rohans/teamos2
    Groo the Wanderer WWW: http://www.sn.no/~rohans/groo