Re: Trades

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<Lia clears her throat and steps forward, eyes brimming with tears>

I must confess... I have none of the cards.

None. Nada. Zero. Zip.

Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh. <Lia starts to sob>

ONE measly box of Groo cards reached Manila a looooong time ago, and some
rich guy bought the entire thing that day --- leaving me empty-handed,
Groo-less and unconsolable.

Anyone out there have any ideas? Offers? Consolation prizes? Whatever?

:] Lia, poor unfortunate soul

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Goodness gracious great gobs of cheesedip!  You don't have any Groo trading

Hmmm ...  I don't think they make them anymore.

I'd have given you my doubles for free, but I just gave away the last of
them about two weeks ago.  Can anyone else give Lia your doubles?

You might also try Paul & Judy's Coins and Cards (pjcc@cedar.cic.net).
They only had a set for sale about two months ago(?), which someone on
this mailing list bought.  But, maybe they restocked.