Re: Groo where are you?


>         Now I have a couple of questions I need answered and need answered
> now.  (1) Does anyone have Epic Ilustrated #27?  I have never seen it nor
> can find anyone who ever has. (2) The five sets of tiny lead figures put
> out by Dark Horse Minatures:  What am I missing? I have Groo charging with
> branished blades, Groo standing with sword at side, small Groo with small
> dragon, large dragon which appears to be ready to punch, Grooella,
> Minstrel, Grativo, Sage & Mulch, Arcadio, Chakaal, and Taranto.  (3)
> Which sets am I missing? (4) Were the figures originally painted?

Gee man. If I have all the stuffs that you are looking for, I sure
won't sell them to you. You want to know why? I'm jealous that's why! I have
nothing that is Groo! Just when I fell in love with him, Sergio was long gone
on his holiday. My girlfriend introduced me to Groo too late. Ever since I
finished reading all those issues that she has, I have been constantly looking
out to buy back issues to build my own collection but you know what? Nobody
would want to sell and all the comic shops don't carry any Grooish stuffs
anymore. The only thing I have that is Groo is a Windows wallpaper and even so
it's a tiny one! So consider yourself lucky to be able to own so much of Groo
materials as even fools can plainly see that.

>         Before I go, I know no one wants to give up their extra Images of
> Groo Trading Cards.  But before you say no I am willing to give in return
> a mint Groo Poster still in its original packaging.  I need IG 1, 2, 3, 5,
> 7, 8.

How about if I allow you to pay me 20 kopins so that you can give that poster
to me?

>         Please, please, please, please, please bring back Groo.  What will
> I do with my money without groo items to purchase?

Please, please, please, please, please bring back Groo. What will
I do without any Groo comics to call my own?