Re: paper quality

Andy said:
>Who cares about the paper anyway? Tell me, if Sergio were to draw Groo again
>with a condition that he uses the worst possible quality of paper to publish,
>would anyone not buy the comic then? It's the content that matters. I bet even 
>fools can plainly see that. :)

True... Somewhat.

To say that content matters, and only content matters is pretty naive. It
would be nice for that to be true --- but it isn't. Call me a pessimist,
call me jaded (I freely admit this anyway), but the fact of the matter is
that human nature doesn't work that way.

To illustrate, let me use Pamela Anderson (sorry Baywatch fans)... If
content was the only thing that mattered, she wouldn't have a tenth the fame
that she does, because let's face it, she'll never win an Oscar or an Emmy
for her acting. Heck, if she were to be even nominated, I'd consider
Armageddon to be upon us.

Whereas there are many fabulous actresses who don't get as much work as they
should because they aren't as, shall we say, well-endowed as Ms. Anderson.
Say Mary McDonnell, for example...

And although *I* would buy Groo even if it was published on toilet paper,
yak's skin, newsprint (Oh, I have, actually...), WHATEVER --- IMHO not all
people would. Especially first-time readers who haven't a clue of just how
lovely the content is... and don't have Groopie friends to tell them/force
them/blackmail them into picking one up for the first time.

Nice paper just ENHANCES what's already there, and in the case of some
comics (not Groo of course), makes what's there bearable. And nice paper
matters because the colors look better --- and the colors matter (ask Tom
Luth, I'm sure he'd agree).

Oh dear, let me make a disclaimer: this is not a flame. I always sound like
I'm flaming when I'm serious, but I'm not. Really. If I were flaming, I'd
say so. Really. Besides, would a flamer end with a smiley face beside her
name? I don't think so... <grin>

:] Lia

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