No Subject

I wrote:
>> Just received in the mail the last Groo trading card that I was missing
>> (#45) from Mark Evanier!  It was also autographed.  Thanks Mark!!!

Then Andy wrote:
> WOW!!!!!!!!!!
> And I have nothing of Groo to call my own.......except.....a tiny Windows
> wallpaper of Groo.....sob...sob.....

You guys/girls can get your very own Mark Evanier autograph, too.  Mark
subscribes to this list, and offered to autograph any comics/cards that
are sent to him with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  :)

Lia wrote:
> I loved the paper too! Remember the paper on the earliest Groos? That stuff
> was like newspaper, yuck. The Image paper made the colors brighter (the
> whites seem whiter... hey, this sounds like a detergent commercial), which
> was refreshing to see, whereas my ancient Groos are sorta shabby.

Then Andy wrote:
> Who cares about the paper anyway? Tell me, if Sergio were to draw Groo
> again with a condition that he uses the worst possible quality of paper to
> publish, would anyone not buy the comic then? It's the content that mat-
> ters. I bet even fools can plainly see that. :)

I can plainly see that.

Then Lia wrote:
> True... Somewhat.
> And although *I* would buy Groo even if it was published on toilet paper,
> yak's skin, newsprint (Oh, I have, actually...), WHATEVER --- IMHO not all
> people would. Especially first-time readers who haven't a clue of just how
> lovely the content is... and don't have Groopie friends to tell them/force
> them/blackmail them into picking one up for the first time.

Those are very good (and very funny) points!  :)

Andy wrote:
> Yeah, you guys sure got everything. Seems like everyone
> in this list has something that is Groo but me......WAAAAAAAH!!!!

Hang in there, Andy.  A lot of information on how to get things is posted
by kind persons on this list.

A lot of people wrote:
> Please, please, please, please, please bring back Groo.  What will I do
> with my money without groo items to purchase?

> Please, please, please, please, please bring back Groo. What will I do
> without any Groo comics to call my own?

I should've collected everyone's letters and gave them to Sergio when I
saw him last month at the San Diego Comic Con.  Sorry, didn't think earli-
er.  Maybe next time.

This "Dear Abby" style of posting emails has me all mixed up.  I don't
think I'll do this too often.  Most of you probably didn't read all the
way down here before hitting the "delete" key, right?

See ya later.