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Hiya gringos/gringas!

I've just checked the Groo trading card situation at a comic and card
shop around here.  Here's the scoop: there's about a dozen packs of
Groo trading cards (there's eight cards per pack) and they're unopen-
ed.  They're $1.25 per pack.  There's also IG-4, IG-5, and IG-9.
They're really, really, really expensive, though ($10+ each).  (At
these prices, I'm not buying them.)  I'm done with my set, incomplete
as it is.  :)

If you absolutely, positively, without a doubt can't find Groo trading
cards anywhere, then maybe I can buy them from the store and sell them
to you.  Hate to do it, though.  The store's not really too close to
here, and I'm not planning on going back for a few weeks.  Plus, the
prices are exorbitant.  That, combined with postage costs, raises the
prices sky high.

It'd be better if Sergio and Mark just came out with Series II trad-
ing cards.  :)


Maybe you can buy doubles from someone on this list.  What else are
they going to do with their doubles?

See ya!  Bye!