Eric's Idea

Dear Abby --- err, Dear guys, <g>

Eric said:
>I should've collected everyone's letters and gave them to Sergio when I saw
him last >month at the San Diego Comic Con.  Sorry, didn't think earlier.
Maybe next time.

Forget  letters --- Eric, how about I ship you a barrel full of salty tears
and you can give THAT to Sergio for me...

:] Lia, who desperately wants Groo back

P.S. I've got a question --- if there was going to be a Groo Movie (I love
hypothetical questions), who would you guys cast? This should be interesting...

P.P.S. John, I started using the barrel so my tears wouldn't fall in your
cheesedip <g>

IRC nick: cheesedip

Scully  : "Working hard, Mulder?"
Mulder: (pointing to centerfold) "This woman claims to have been taken
aboard a space ship and held in an anti-gravity chamber without food and
water for three days."
Scully  : (giving her enigmatic smile) "Antigravity's right." (The Jersey Devil)