The Sergiography.

Okay, like I promised before, I will now undertake the [insert choice 
word here] task of compiling the Sergiography.  Call me Scribe Rube for 
this one, if you like. . . 

The Sergiography will be a bibliography of Sergio's published works. 
Sorry, no back-alley graphitti, or Canter's napkin scribbles. :-}

Here are the 'rules' that I'd appreciate everyone going by:

-when sending me data for the Sergiography, please say so in the subject 
of the message.  That way, I can save it to a folder and it won't get 
lost.  Eg: "Sergiography Data", "Sergiography Change", "Sergiography 
Addition", etc.

-try to be clear and to the point in your Data messages.  As much fun as 
they would be to read, I don't want to have to sift through amusing 
anecdotes to find and cut out the information.

-Be 100% sure about the data you're sending me. IE: the best would be if
you actually own the title.  Please include: Title, publisher, date
published, and any *pertinent* notes (ie: specific pages if he didn't do
the whole book, alternate formats, etc.). 

-for simplicity's sake, I would like to initially do English 
publications.  Please don't send any other language titles (for now).  
Sorry to those in Norway, Brazil, France, Phillipines, etc.

-I'll be e-mailing out updates once in a while (as time for me permits), 
but don't worry about sending me duplicate info.

Sorry about sound a tad 'harsh', but with these types of projects, it 
makes things muchos easier in the end.

So, everyone dig through their boxes and e-mail me what you find!