Re: Card Question

Hi Chris! Welcome to the list! Don't worry, we don't bite... much. <g>

>I havve a question for everyone and anyone.  I have not been able to get a
hold of
>Groo cards anywhere and I am itching to buy a box.  Can anyone tell me where I
>could find any and what is the name of the company that produces the cards?? Th
>anks for your help!!

Eric Chun? You're the resident answer guy of sorts... Anyway, I'd like to
read the answer too, since Mommy Dearest has finally consented to part with
some cash for Groo's sake...

>P.S.  Rufferto will remain my hostage until someone answers me! :-)

Weeeeell, I answered you, didn't I? Sort-of, anyway. Let the poor guy
---dog!--- go, and I'll give you a nice bowlful of cheesedip...

:] Lia, dog-lover

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