Re: Card Question


I bought the complete card set from the comic store. Josh actually sent me some
of his doubles so I ended up with extras. I passed the cards Josh had donated
on to Lia, so she now has some cards.

I have no images, hence buying the cards off Eric. Obviously once opened I will
have extras (I have my fingers crossed that there will be an image inside) that
I will be prepared to trade for other items (marvel back issues maybe).

Once I know of extras and doubles I will make the info available.

Fortunately for Lia, as I got the cards off Josh for free, I passed them on to
her for free. Its just that she got in first, else I would have split them.

Buying a boxed set was interesting, but denied me the thrill of actually
opening the packets, which I find more exciting than cards themselves.

My local shop has a number of comics in stock, and I have aleady sent some on
to Randall, and I need to visit it again for more stuff for him. If anyone
would like me to check out the comics, I know they have a number of Marvel,
Image and chronicles remaining.