Re: Card Question

Chris wrote:
>I have a question for everyone and anyone.  I have not been able to get a
>hold of Groo cards anywhere and I am itching to buy a box.  Can anyone tell
>me where I could find any and what is the name of the company that produces
>the cards??  Thanks for your help!!

Lia wrote:
>Eric Chun? You're the resident answer guy of sorts...  Anyway, I'd like to
>read the answer too, since Mommy Dearest has finally consented to part with
>some cash for Groo's sake...

Who me?!?  I'm just a poor mendicant.  :)

I think Wildstorm made the Groo trading cards, in conjunction with Image, in
1995.  There's a "WS" logo and an "Image" logo on the wrapper, and it says
copywrite "Sergio Aragones 1995" on the wrapper.  There's no address or phone
number on the wrapper.

How can you get Groo trading cards?  I think they're out of print, and a lot
of people on the mailing list can't find them in comic stores.  The last
known mail order place (Paul & Judy's) that had them is probably out of them
now.  They only had one set left awhile ago (and no packs).  Someone on
this list bought it.  Don't know who.

There was a comic store near here that had three Images of Groo trading cards
(the special inserts in the packs) and 14 unopened packs.  I think I posted
that over a week ago and waited until this Monday for replies.  Three people
responded (George, John, and Ruben), so all of this stuff has been reserved
for them.  I would have liked to send the packs to persons who didn't have
any cards at all, but no one else responded in time ...  Sorry.

There are still singles at one (maybe two) of the comic stores near here, but
they're even more expensive than buying packs.  They charge 25 cents (plus
sales tax) for each card, and they probably don't have all of the cards.
Sergio was charging a dollar for each card at the San Diego Comic Con.
*ouch*  'Course he's autograph them if you bought them.  But he's also auto-
graph them if you brought your own.

So if you get really, really, really desperate, and don't mind spending more
than 25 cents for each card ('cause of tax and postage), then maybe I can
get these for you.

Most comic stores did not sell sets since it was really hard to complete a
set.  Hence, all of the prior emails requesting trades ...  Even if you
bought an entire box, the odds were that you couldn't complete a set.

With all of that in mind, I was begging (like a mendicant) for people with
doubles to give them to others who didn't have any cards.  (With no results?)
I gave all of my doubles away, so I don't have any left.  Sorry again.

See ya.