White jackets

Henry muttered:
>soobasoobasooba wawa mooka chooka willie lillie din da loola a a
>nookie bobba wookie chookie poon tang a ronny hang tang roony hoonie
>sang sang soonie poony hang tan basoomasooma rooma tooma groova 
>woola hoola betula buliwuli wuliwuliwuliwuliwuli

Henry, I think it's time to get some help...

::Lia calls 911 and asks for those men in white to bring Henry a nice new
long-sleeved jacket::

Mark Evanier, this is ALL YOUR FAULT! Okay, well, Sergio's too... <grin>

See what happens when we go into withdrawal? Shame on you for getting us
addicted in the first place...

:] Lia

P.S. Can you tell I want Groo back? Huh? Please...

IRC nick: cheesedip

Mulder: "Will you let me drive?"
Scully: "I'm driving.  (Now mad)  Why do you always have to drive?  Because
you're the guy?  Because you're the big, macho man?"
Mulder: "No, I was just never sure your little feet would reach the pedals.
(Slams door)."