RE: The Sergiography, no additions?

I'm not sure of the rest of them, especially that Groo thing, but for the Plops I believe he drew for 1-19 or 1-20, but the last ones (through issue # 24) I know he didn't draw for (at least, that's what the guy at the store told me).

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Subject: 	The Sergiography, no additions?

Well, Bob Heer has been the only person to send me any Sergiography data 
so far.  Fortunately, it is a pretty healthy list. Thanks Bob!  

Now, come on Groopies! Send me additions to the list so we can make it so 
big my ISP will complain about disk space. . . Please don't quote the 
entire thing when e-mailing me additions. Thanks.

Here's the list so far:

  Plop 3 (Feb 1974, DC)
  Plop 19 (Feb 1976, DC)
        Actually, probably all issues of PLOP