Re: Finally!

Mulch! thats an american thing, never in my life had a seen the word Mulch
(groo apart) until i arrived in the US. Who comes up with names like that?

On Sep 4,  5:41pm, Eric Chun wrote:
> Subject: Re: Finally!
> From: tjordan@snaps.nrlssc.navy.mil (tim jordan)
> >I finally got my statue yesterday and the store gave me %15 of
> >the $175 price, so that took care of taxes and dropped the price
> >%7!  Its #387 and has a drawing of Groo on the Authenticity and
> >Sergio's signature!  The drawing is a bust of Groo with his swords
> >sticking up over his back.
> Sounds cool!
> I think only 750 statues were made.
> >P.S. I also renewed my license plate("MULCH") in MS and got the
> >     rude awakening of paying the $35 fee for a custom plate
> >     EVER year!
> Umm ...  What's "mulch"?  (Never mind.  Don't answer that.)
>-- End of excerpt from Eric Chun