Notes on Sergio Masacres/Destroys. . .

In the last panel of Sergio Masacres Marvel, the buxom woman is wearing a 
sweater with a Usaig print -- know where I can get one? :-}

In some of the panels of Sergio drawing in Sergio Destroys DC, you can 
read stuff. . . On page 4 there is a note on his lamp that reads: "212 
502 4850 Call". Plus you can read some of the books at his desk like: 
"Buzz & Be", "Mad About", "Viva M", "Smok", etc.  Also, the train in 
Superman has the title "Ohai", as does the girl's shirt in Wonder Woman 
(the front says Ohai, and the back says Oak Grove), the phone number 
changes to 212 506...

Maybe my eye sight is too good? :-}