Sir Geography

Daniel wrote:
>> I am a warty toad in the forest of Gumbya and I require some informa-
>> tion.

Since you're not a space alien, we can give you information.  Just keep
reading.  While you're at it, watch out for space aliens.  Someone's been
posting emails with mighty strange sounds.  Might be a space alien.  :)

Ruben asked:
>> In the last panel of Sergio Masacres Marvel, the buxom woman is wear-
>> ing a sweater with a Usaig print -- know where I can get one? :-}

Lia answered:
>> A buxom woman? Or a sweater with an Usagi print? <giggle>

Hmmm, I'd like ...

Ruben also wrote:
>> In some of the panels of Sergio drawing in Sergio Destroys DC, you can 
>> read stuff. . . On page 4 there is a note on his lamp that reads: "212 
>> 502 4850 Call". Plus you can read some of the books at his desk like: 
>> "Buzz & Be", "Mad About", "Viva M", "Smok", etc.  Also, the train in 
>> Superman has the title "Ohai", as does the girl's shirt in Wonder
>> Woman (the front says Ohai, and the back says Oak Grove), the phone
>> number changes to 212 506...

"Buzz & Be" must be "Buzz and Bell", "Viva M" must be "Viva Mad", and
"Smok" must be "Smokehouse Five".

Sergio lives in "Ojai" (near Los Angeles, California).  Pronounced

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  Published by WonderCon, April 1995

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See ya later.