Hi, gang!

Some quick answers to recent questions...

1. Yes, it's Sergio's birthday today.

2. There are no Usagi Yojimbo sweaters.  But there should be.

3. The phone number that Sergio wrote on that note is probably (212) 
506-4850, which is the main number for MAD Magazine.

4. We have nothing to announce at the moment about new GROO 
appearances.  We're talking to some publishers about the Wanderer (and 
a couple of new projects) but nothing is close to definite.  When it 
is, you'll read about it here first.

5. It looks now like the Groo cards will not be reprinted.  Anyone 
who's desperate for a couple of missing ones can send me a list at 363 
S. Fairfax Ave., #303, Los Angeles, CA 90036, and I'll try to fill in 
their missing ones.  This does NOT apply to the "Images of Groo" cards; 
only to the regular numbers.  And you should send me some of your 
duplicates too, so I can pass them around to others.  This is a public 

6. Also, if you have some item you want autographed by Sergio and/or 
me, send it to the same address with a stamped, self-addressed 
envelope.  It sometimes takes me a while to get Sergio to sign 'em but 
we will.

Lastly: I have a new E-Mail address.  It's evanier@pagebbs.com and you 
can reach me quicker that way.  Also, I forget who maintains this list 
but if they could switch my "account" over to that address, I'd 
appreciate it.  Thanks.