Re: Hi, gang!

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Mark Evanier wrote:

> 1. Yes, it's Sergio's birthday today.

	Send Sergio my belated best wishes.

> 3. The phone number that Sergio wrote on that note is probably (212) 
> 506-4850, which is the main number for MAD Magazine.

	I called it on a whim. . .  Here's the answering machine message:

	"Hi, this is Lily. I'm not at my desk right now, but if you want 
to leave a message for me or any of the other Mad Guys, do so after the 
beep.  Your call will be returned"

> 5. It looks now like the Groo cards will not be reprinted.  Anyone 
> who's desperate for a couple of missing ones can send me a list at 363 
> S. Fairfax Ave., #303, Los Angeles, CA 90036, and I'll try to fill in 
> their missing ones.  This does NOT apply to the "Images of Groo" cards; 
> only to the regular numbers.  And you should send me some of your 
> duplicates too, so I can pass them around to others.  This is a public 
> service.

	Although I didn't need to get any cards from you, thanks a bunch 
for doing that. . . 

> 6. Also, if you have some item you want autographed by Sergio and/or 
> me, send it to the same address with a stamped, self-addressed 
> envelope.  It sometimes takes me a while to get Sergio to sign 'em but 
> we will.

	If I'm mailing from Canada, I can't get any US stamps.  Is there 
anything else I could send?