Re: Hi, gang!

Mark said:
>> 6. Also, if you have some item you want autographed by Sergio and/or 
>> me, send it to the same address with a stamped, self-addressed 
>> envelope.  It sometimes takes me a while to get Sergio to sign 'em but 
>> we will.

Then Ruben said:
>If I'm mailing from Canada, I can't get any US stamps.  Is there 
>anything else I could send?

How about some cheesedip?

But seriously, I have the same problem... Anybody have any ideas?

:] Lia


Mulder: "Will you let me drive?"
Scully: "I'm driving."  (Now mad)  "Why do you always have to drive?
Because you're the guy?  Because you're the big, macho man?"
Mulder: "No, I was just never sure your little feet would reach the pedals."
(Slams door).

I deny the travesty of the Emmy's. There is truly no justice. Waaaaaaaaaaah!