Re: Hi, gang! (No Groo Content, NGC)

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Eric Chun wrote:

> There's supposed to be something called an IRC (International Reply
> Coupon), which you can purchase from your post office.  It's sup-
> posed to cover return mailing costs.  :)

	I've used those a couple of times, but one of the problems is 
that you don't know how much return postage will be from the 'other' 
country.  So what they suggest is, 'send lots, just in case.' I kind of 
laughed when they told me that. . . . 

	I'll try to pick up lots of US stamps on my next trip down to
Washington -- does someone have a list of postage rates that they've used
when mailing to Canada? ie: one comic with two sheets of cardboard, two
comics with two sheets of cardboard, one magazine with two sheets of
cardboard, one card with case, two cards with case, a cat in a hat, etc. .
. . 


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