RE: Spare cards for trade

I found 1 signed print from Sergio.  It was on the bottom center of the Kings set.

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No wonder I couldnt find any packets in shops, Rick has them all.

I bought the full set of normal cards for 21usd I think.

I would be prepared to buy any images if the price is sensible.

Did you find any signed prints?

On Sep 10,  4:22pm, beckless wrote:
> Subject: Re: Spare cards for trade
> I've got an extra I1, I2 and two extra I6s.  I also have an extra two
> full sets.  What do you think would be a fair trade/price? I had to go
> through about 5 boxes to get a full set with Images for myself.  Let me
> know.
> Thanks,
> Rick
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