Re[2]: How Old?

     I don't see it as an unusual demographic, but we do have to worry that 
     Lia's parents may find out about the old men she's communicating with 
     on the web!
     I guess I started this age thing with my comment about GROO folks not 
     being old enough to drive. I probably hold the record on the other end 
     of the scale (not counting Sergio), I'll be 54 next week.  Another 
     I came before the Wile E. Coyote crowd, growing up on MAD, and 
     following the works of many of the original artists as well as the new 
     comers like Sergio.  As a result, I'm hung up on Tales from the Crypt,
     and MAD collectibles as well as GROO. (The Crypt pinball machine has 
     been my most recent and most "fun" purchase).
     My cynicism regarding merchandising was learned from years of reading 
     MAD, so I'm not too excited by countless reissues of old material with 
     new, more expensive packaging.  I was an original customer of the 
     complete EC library which has taken about 20 years to complete.  It's 
     by the same guy in Missouri that did the Carl Barks hardcovers, Russ 
     Cochran.  I can't afford any more complete libraries.  The new Playboy 
     has an ad for a new complete volume of the Crypt TV show for only $700 
     in leather.  

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Subject: Re: How Old?
Author:  ericchun@Altera.COM (Eric Chun) at smtp
Date:    9/11/96 5:44 PM

Fowarded From: Dave Lentz <dlentz@inetdirect.net>
46 (next month).  One should not be surprised at the age distribution 
that Groo has attracted.  This is the generation that was raised on Wile 
E. Coyote and ilk of that sort.  Kind of a "high-brow" slapstick that 
involves at least a little biot of thought, with a goodly dose of irony.
Mark, if you're following this thread, you should be thinking about how 
to milk this unusual demographic distribution -- maybe an appropriate 
reissue strategy similar to the Scrooge McDuck hardcover reissues 
celebrating Carl Barks.  Surely Serio deserves as much?