Re: How old?

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, Lia Bulaong wrote:

> Eric asked:
> >> Just curious -- how old is everyone?
> Oh man, this is embarassing, not only am I the only girl who posts on this
> list, but I'm the youngest Groopie too? Jeez...
> :] Lia, who happens to be 17
Yep, you are, but you only beat me with one year:) I'm 18. But on you 
beeing the only girl... well, I guess I can't compete with that;)

 > P.S. I was just wondering, how old do you guys think Groo is anyway?
All he cares about is eating, sleeping and fighting.... he must be 
somwhere near 4..? Or was that 40..? lemmesee.... 4+0 is 04... hmm... 


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