Re: How old?

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996 dmcvicke@awinc.com wrote:

> >I believe I win.  I'm 16.
> >Dave Bitton
> Oh you think so do you? I happen to be sixteen too!
> Just when does your birthday happen to be?
> (mine is on the 17th of October).
> Oh and what was that part about being old enough to
> drive? Everyone who has written into here is old enough
> to drive.  (unless they live in some other state/province/country
> with unusual laws.)  In fact where does everyone live?
> This might also be an interesting topic....
> --Bobbis <Graham McVicker>
> ps I live in Nelson, BC CANADA

Yes, I DO think so!  My birthday's on Feb. 19th!  HA!  I live in 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  I have my learner's permit, so I guess that 
makes me old enough to drive too.

Dave Bitton

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