how old, where, etc...

Hello to you all groopies,

I have followed the list for a long time, almost never sending mail.
Anyway, here's my profile :
 *  I am 24 (neither the youngest, nor the oldest : just average)
 *  I live in France (yes)

Having moved a few hundred kilometer to change school, I happen to also
have changed my e-mail. How do I unsubscribe ? (I'll subscribe from
the new adress then)

To ME : how do we poor froggies send a self addressed stamped letter
begging for a signature, a drawing, a mulch or cheese dip sample to
you ? (by the way, excuse my poor english if any mispelling comes
out : I only lately learnt how to write ;) )

Is the statue out ? My local dealer says he's still waiting for it.
Talk about lag and time zones !...

Some stupid questions (answer required anyway) :
 * what breed/race is Rufferto ?
 * any Quake-Groo project ?
 * why didn't ME and Sergio answer to the 'how old' question ?
 * what is mulch ?

  Philippe Bruhat - BooK            Centrale Lille - Genie Informatique v6.0
                                     ENST Bretagne - Mastere RESIM