Re: how old, where, etc...

Ans I'm from the mental abberatiob called South Florida, where French 
Canadians come to work illegally and smuggle cigrettes, old New Yorks 
come to die and Finn live on their social security checks (Sisu!).

It is the cultural armpit of Florida, Lake Worth(less), with an average 
altitude if 6 ft ASL and and average IQ somewhere in the low 40s...yes, 
we have a lot of CBers, and other rejects.

Soon the revolution will change this for all. Our cups will runneth over 
with cheesedip and our pockets will jangle with kopens....

All we need is GROO to lead us...Adelante, Grooista, hasta la victoria 

It ain't Brasil here and Dom Pedro has fled for Lisboa....

Ken Simon

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Borje Felipe Fernandes Karlsson wrote:

> i'm from Brasil (i will never write BraZil)!
> []'s Borje...
> bffk@di.ufpe.br